LNT open for business in Moscow

The World Trade Centre in Moscow

Leading National Training are proud to announce the opening of their new office in Moscow. With our partners in Russia, we are open for business at the heart of the Russian economy, Moscow.

Most of the larger organisations across Russia (and from former Soviet block countries) have a presence in Moscow, as well as having the greatest part of their workforce's stationed there, so it made sense for us to choose it as our centre for working with Russian organisations and Russian speaking countries.

Since 2008, we have worked with companies not just in the Russian Federation but from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia.

Some Russian businesses are still going through the transition from the old communist ways of doing things, i.e. nothing is open for debate, and you are not expected to think for yourselves, to a more democratic way of giving people autonomy and allowing for creativity and innovation.

Leading National Training are working with some of these organisations helping them with our experiences and giving them tools to help them make that transition.

For more information on LNT working in Russian please contact us on: info@leadingnationaltraining.co.uk

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