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The Forensic Sales Expert; recruitment, training and support programme, was designed to answer the growing challenges of suppliers selling products and services into the larger private sector businesses and public sector organisations.


The key challenges they have been facing, (since the early 2000s) is the faceless procurement and/or on-line (bid) processes. This way of doing business has taken away the majority of influence that sellers used to enjoy, this loss of influence is most greatly felt in the area of negotiations. See chart below.
















The FSE has been designed from the ground up by Philip Peters of Leading National Training, and has re-defined the sales role into a combination of in-depth research, entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to pitch hard hitting and beneficial solutions to 'real' decision makers, i.e. CEOs, FDs, COOs, etc (solutions, that the targeted businesses did not realise they needed)

The type of sales person required for this role does not fit the normal profile of a sales executive, and requires somebody who has both a logical and creative mindset, able to work alone, and have the ability to strongly influence. This has been difficult to combine in the past (remember the amount of times companies have tried to turn their mobile technical people into technical sales! which in the majority of cases failed miserably, at great expense).


However, these people do exist, and we at LNT have devised a benchmark for the roles competencies and behaviours, as well as having an understanding of the type of background these people come from. We have achieved this in part by utilising our PRISM Brainmapping tool for the benchmark, and having this clarity we can now profile candidates (internal and external) against the measures to see if there is a close match.


Finally, the training for the role had to be completely rethought and developed from scratch, we now have a four-day initial training programme to give the required skill to the FSE person, as well as on-going support. 


In the event that a potential FSE is not identified within your workforce, we offer a complete, recruit, train and support package. Please go to the FSE website by clicking this link for full details:

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