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For decades now we have been trying to find a real solution to successful selling, it all started with the ‘hard sell’ which primarily involved selling to people whether they really wanted to buy or not! This had limited success and created a very bad and rightly deserved image of salespeople.


Fortunately, things then moved on, and we started to adopt the consultative approach, finding out what people really need (primarily their own or their businesses ‘pain points’) and then matching a solution to those needs, thereby relieving the pain. Sales people became solutions seekers.


This process has worked successfully for a number of years, but of course like all ‘systems’ experienced buyers know what to expect, they can see what is happening in the sales process and they learn how to counter it, or just switch off from it. Of course the consultative approach is still relevant, but it needs to be overlaid with other interpersonal skills to maximise its effect...

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