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Meet The LNT Team


The Leading National Training team is built up from a group of professionals who have worked at middle management to board level across a number of different business sectors and environments. Most importantly each currently works as business consultants, which means they have real-time knowledge of the challenges organisations face in 2016, not from outdated text book scenarios.

We operate globally in different cultures and using different languages, including; Russian, German, French, Spanish and Italian. To hear how we differ from other consultancies 

Philip Peters

Philip has held senior roles in a number of market sectors across many countries and cultures. Since 1995 Philip has worked as a consultant both in the UK and globally.


Some of his key skill sets include; strategic planning, sales and marketing, developing a clear line of sight in organisations, performance management systems and bringing innovation and solutions to organisational challenges.

O: +44 (0) 1157 200 007

M: + 44 (0) 7966 570 421

Tatiana Shapovalova

Tanya originally from Russia (she also speaks English and Spanish) heads up our PRISM team and is the licensed trainer for practitioners across all Russian speaking countries. Tanya holds a masters degree in teaching as well as a post graduate degree in HR. 

With Tanya's in-depth knowledge of organisational behaviour and having worked with a number of large companies developing their people, she is an crucial member of the LNT team.

O: +44 (0) 1157 200 007 

M: +44 (0) 7970 061 580

Tanya Goodman

Tanya is a key associate of LNT.

Tanya's holds 3 degrees in the areas of psychology, during her 10 years of experience working in both the public and private sectors, she has developed a number of programmes that support individuals from senior board directors, middle managers and their team members in stress management, coping through change and uncertainty, as well as focusing on using psychology in CSR, critically when assisting senior management to be more transparent and open about their businesses.

O: +44 (0) 1157 200 007

M: + 44 (0) 7834 184 708

Barrie Sharpe

Barrie has had many years working both in the public and private sectors, previous roles including heading up sales for GEC Avionics. He has worked across the globe and speaks several languages (including French and German). Barrie holds an MBA and has worked as a consultant in organisations such as BA, Dell and BP to name a few. Barrie has an in-depth understanding of the procurement processes as well as working from a sales perspective. It is a combination of all this knowledge, which makes Barrie a key member of the LNT team .

O: +44 (0) 1157 200 007

David Newman

David is an experienced facilitator and MBA lecturer with an extensive background in corporate banking. David has worked in the Middle East, Russia, North Africa and the Caribbean. David has held senior roles in the banking sector including relationship/lending and credit management roles for two blue chip UK and European banks.


Business finance and business analysis is his core strengths,  which he successfully brings to the LNT team.

O: +44 (0) 1157 200 007  

Paul Grant

Paul is a serial entrepreneur, having started and exited three companies. Paul also ran one of London's largest angel networks. Paul coaches start-ups (over 50 to date) to assist in their success, and is the owner of the 'Funding Game'. Paul lectures at Cass Business School and Kings College University.


Paul's knowledge of start-ups and raising investments is second to none, and it is these key skills that Paul brings to the LNT team.

O: +44 (0) 1157 200 007  

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