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Leading National Training - What we offer


LNT offer a range of services that supports businesses and organisations during growth, change or when experiencing challenging times.


We are constantly improving and finding better ways of doing things as markets change and new challenges come along, hence we, like our clients, are always evolving! Innovation is key to our success...

Below are three of the key areas which we operate in. 

            Training Programmes


We offer a wide variety of training programmes, all have the core skills and tools required for current organisational needs. Each is then tailored to your specific challenges or developmental requirements. All our programmes are engaging, with hands-on skills practise and are fully inclusive.

We work across, and have experience in a variety of different market sectors (including public, private and educational), each of our trainers have specific skills sets and cultural understandings, that we match to your organisational culture, goals and desired outcomes.

Some of the programmes we run are:

  • Leadership (board level, middle management and team leaders)

  • Influencing (with and without authority)

  • Conflict management

  • Talent Management

  • Sales (see FSE)

  • Negotiating

  • Marketing skills in 2016

  • Maximising social/business media

  • Managing teams during change and difficult times

  • Customer development

NeuroScience Tools For Business


Not to be confused with NLP or Psychometric profiling/testing, PRISM is firmly based on the study and advances in Neuroscience, which focuses on measuring peoples behaviours not their personalities or skill sets. It therefore differentiates itself from any other tools by recognising that people change, adapt and respond in different ways, and in different circumstances.


Therefore, it does not put people in boxes, but recognises and utilises their strengths in any given workplace situation. 


Some of the areas we successfully use PRISM in are:

  • Recruitment 

  • Profiling and benchmarking 'best' performers

  • Neuro Leadership

  • Benchmarking specific job roles

  • Neuro Match (matching projects to people)

  • Cultural assessments

  • 360 degree feedback 



  • Strategy planning

  • Performance management

  • People development

  • Sales and marketing

  • Communication

  • Leadership development

  • Developing talent management programmes

Our Innovations

All the above are the copyright of LNT

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