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PRISM Brain Mapping

The PRISM Brain Mapping tool has been developed and constantly enhanced over the past 10 years. Its flexibility, and therefore its potential use in organisations, was one of the critical factors for us to adopt it as our tool of choice.


Secondly, the key deciding factor for us, was its ability to recognise how people respond when placed in different scenarios i.e. in their comfort zones, out of their comfort zones, and when under stress or pressure.


This is critical, as other profiling tools simply measure either; personalities or put people firmly in a box (i.e. you are an 'X' and will be an 'X' for the rest of your life), the reality is that people do flex and change and are affected by their environment.

So who we are today, may not be, who we are tomorrow. From a business perspective we need to understand this, as it is peoples 'behaviours' and 'resilience' in a given situation, not their skills, that delivery high performance as individuals or as a team.

PRISM has been developed through the study of NeuroScience, and was originally researched as a combined project with Harvard Business School and the Centre for Applied Neuroscience. Neuroscience has come a long way with the advances in brain scanning, and we can now understand how people respond in different scenarios. this knowledge has been transferred to the on-line tool, which measures accurately (99.5% validity) how a person will potentially behave.

Please contact us for further information on how the PRISM tool can support your organisation.



Demonstrating a person match for a benchmarked role

As you will see from the slide below, PRISM can be used in a number of ways. The slide below shows a benchmark (Green graph) for a role which has been benchmarked against a star (best) performer (shown in the bandwidth), with an overlay of a persons responses (Red graph), quickly showing whether they have the correct behaviours, aptitude and core traits to perform at a high level in the role.

This is just one example of how PRISM can save you time, money and ensure you get the best person for the job.

See slide at bottom of this page for an in-depth explanation of its uses.

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The full power and flexibility of PRISM shown on the diagram below
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