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Why we are different?

 01  We NEVER stand still. (we don't know what 'laurels' are)

As an organisation, each member of the team is constantly looking for ways in which we can improve what we do and how we do it. Our philosophy is; If we stand still in rapidly changing markets how can we possibly be any good for our clients!


We are called upon to primarily support change in what ever shape or form that may take. So if we are not evolving, how can we support change in our clients organisations? Everybody in the team are passionate about what we do, we only employ positive focused people, who have 'real time' experience and thinking, are innovative and like to be challenged. 


 02  We are flexible and adapt quickly

After two decades of working with clients across many sectors and cultures, we are pretty good at finding out what leaders really want. A lot of organisations call us in for one specific area of development or change, and during our initial discussions our experience kicks in and we delve until we get down to the root causes, this sometimes means a completely different approach to the initial brief. 


Managers are so immersed in the day-to-day issues of their business, that they sometimes miss the real problems. As consultants it is our duty to highlight how best to spend their hard earned money on improving their business (even if it is at our own expense).


 03  We love change and innovation

You will probably have guessed from our website and our suite of unique brands, that we are constantly looking for better ways of doing things for our clients, finding answers that nobody else has found. For example just over the last year we have developed four new concepts; Bank Your Skills    a database that captures all the skills, experiences, qualifications etc of your workforce, not just the ones that they were employed for! This enables you to react quickly to change or challenges in your organisation.

Forensic Sales Expert    was devised because of the growing challenges associated with dealing with procurement processes. More and more sales processes are becoming faceless and electronic, which takes the control of any negotiations out of of the hands of the suppliers, again we needed a different way of thinking and we came up with the FSE.

Our Prepare 4 Success    programme which is aimed at students in their last year of studies, was devised to give students 'key' work place skills, critically, before they entered the work environment for the first time. Again this was answering a question from industry about the disappointment of managers when recruiting young people, who although they may have the qualifications, their expectations and behaviours tends to be way out of line with managers expectations.

Finally we have devised our NeuroMatch    online tool which enables organisations to profile the behavioural needs of a project or change. Every new project is different, it requires different approaches, different mindsets, different cultural understanding and different behaviours, therefore it follows that it requires different people to deliver it. 


For the first time businesses can profile the needs of any new initiative, which means that we can now match a team not just for their skills but for their match to the required behaviours. These are just a sample of our innovation, we have plenty more in the pipeline! watch this space!


Our innovation speaks for itself!  


 04  We keep ahead of our competition

The explanation in 03 probably demonstrates how we keep ahead of the competition, we don't spend our time worrying about what anybody else is doing in our field, we focus on what our clients need now, whilst pro-actively assessing market changes and by doing so it naturally gives us an edge. 


 05  We always consider culture, be that sector, country or organisational 

We work across many different sectors (both private and public) as well as working across many different countries. And of course it doesn't end there, each organisation has its own culture, which means we have to consider; countries, sector and individual cultures, quite a challenge for a lot of consultancies!  

The team at Leading National Training have individual specialities, not just in what they deliver but also cultural understandings, we therefore match the right consultant, trainer to each piece of work.  

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