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PROJECT: NeuroMatch

Being at the forefront of innovation, in the areas of development and performance, Leading National Training have launched their latest organisational support tool, to add to their unique suite of business instruments; Project: NeuroMatch ©️.


For the first time ever, organisations are now able to benchmark the behaviours of a new project, change or strategic plan.


No two projects are ever the same, each requires a different approach, different mindsets, different values, a different cultural awareness, and each will have different types of pressures attached to it!


It therefore follows, that each intervention requires a different team to manage it. Normally, when a team are assembled, they are selected because they have the 'hard' skills required to perform the tasks within the project. But skills alone are not a guarantee of high performance or success, it is the behaviours of the team that define that.


However, matching a team with the behavioural needs of a project, have been very difficult to achieve in the past, that is until now...


Using our Neuroscience based tool; PRISM Brainmapping, we can now predict with a very high level of accuracy, the behavioural requirements of any change initiative, we can then match the 'right' people to implement the programme, giving you every chance of delivering your projects or change initiatives, on time, on budget and on target!


Read how this remarkable tool works by 

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