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Is it possible to adapt the workplace behaviours of 16 people in just 6 months, and prove it?


We don’t normally boast about our achievements, but hey, why not, the team deserves it…

Leading National Training have been delivering ‘Talent Development Programmes’ for 9 years, learning from each project, updating content, adapting our delivery approach, strengthening the talent selection criteria, and most importantly, focusing on how we can (positively) help people to change or fine-tune their behaviours, whilst self-managing their emotions. Two critical elements which are the key drivers of the skills we deliver.

We can confidentlysay that we have just about got it right! after 9 years of ongoing development the template for the perfect ‘Talent Development Programme’ is now ready to be tailored to any organisation’s specific requirements.

The almost perfect score we recently received of 96% out of a 100% from 16 delegates attending a 6-month TDP (Completed March 2019) has been our best ever result.

The delegates ranged from Corporate Lawyers, Project Heads, Financial Accountants, Credit Controllers, Surveyors and Marketing Managers; all strong-minded individuals who initially didn’t see the need for behavioural change, but each has now fully embraced it 100%.

When you also take into consideration that the entire programme was delivered in English and translated into Russian, in an organisation which is currently going through a number of very difficult external challenges, I think you will agree that this was a remarkable outcome.

Finally, so we could effectively measure positive changes in behaviours, we utilised our neuroscience based online tool (PRISM brainmapping), we profiled each of the delegates prior to commencing the programme, and then again 7 months later, the changes in terms of their leadership behaviours has been remarkable, far exceeding ours (and their) expectations. For further information on PRISM and on the behavioural changes achieved

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