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From Russia with love

Leading National Training have just returned from a 10 day visit to Moscow, where we successfully trained 8 new PRISM practitioners to kick start our entry with the Neuroscience based tool onto the Russian market. We had a number of large organisations involved, from consultancies, chemical companies, highway, educational sector and project management.

The programme went down extremely well and all the delegates passed their test at the end of the programme, enabling them to give professional feedback to their employees from the reports generated from the PRISM online system.

We also carried out a 2 day NeuroLeadership programme, again based on PRISM which was also enthusiastically received. We have now been invited to go back to Moscow and Yamal (North West Siberia) at the end of November to carry out training on Leadership and to train further practitioners... So will be wrapping up warm, as the estimated temp in Yamal will be a chilly -28 to -35!

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